Yesterday's Image Repaired

It took another hour of tweaking to fix this image of Momma Jay discovering Jimmy on the forbidden roof. These fixes aren’t hard — they just take time. The more images, the more time. However, I feel that it’s important to make my best effort to avoid looking like a careless amateur (which I tend to be). This image is 23 out of 32. I expect that some of the next nine images will also need special attention.

I was thinking today that I’ll feel much closer to the end this book on the day that I buy ISBN numbers for from Bowker. Bowker is the only vendor of ISBN numbers in the United States, which means they can charge whatever they want. I’ll need two numbers: one for the print book and one for the e-book. They are pricey. One ISBN cost $125. A batch of 10 numbers costs $295. If I can write 50 books a year, I could buy 100 numbers for $575. The real bargain is 1000 ISBNs for $1500. To my eyes, Bowker has the same kind of monopoly over ISBNs that Network Solutions once had over domain names. Before they rules changed and selling domain names became competitive, Network Solutions could get away with charging $65 a year for a single domain name.

Here’s the repaired image as it looks in the PDF exported from InDesign. You can tell that this is an even numbered page by the white spine margin on the right of the image.