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My name is Doug Doukat. I’m a jack-of-all-trades and have several careers under my belt. Two years ago I got serious about drawing and decided to start a new career as an illustrator telling stories through comics. I figured it wouldn’t be hard to go from being a doodler to being a comic artist, but I soon found out that it’s actually really, really hard, especially if you can’t draw. I was shocked at how bad my drawings sucked. As amateurish as my drawings are, I’m optimistic because I’m a very persistent guy and I’m going to keep at it until my drawings look more like what I see in my imagination. My goal is that some day I’ll be creating polished, amusing, biting comics that I’d want to read myself. But, until that day comes, I’ll show my humble works-in-progress.

I live in Ashland, one of the weirdest cities in Oregon, the weirdest state of the union. It’s a town that looks like a movie set for a quaint romantic comedy. The downside of living in Southern Oregon is that every summer during the fire season we have the worst air pollution in the U.S. The upside of living here is that weirdos like me fit in very nicely.

Self-portrait, nov 1, 2018

Self-portrait, nov 1, 2018

When I started drawing I planned to do a graphic novel about my father’s nightmarish experiences in the 84th Infantry Division during Battle of the Bulge, and after that, his part in liberating two Nazi concentration camps and testifying at the Nuremberg trials. It’s an important story that I wish I had the skills to tell, but I don’t. After many failures to get started on his story, I had a long talk with my unrealistic ego and decided focus on something more suitable for a beginner, something that I could actually complete. I finally decided it would be realistic for me to do simple, one-panel Web comics. I came up with The Deadbeat Club. I started with a burst of energy, then got bogged down in a swamp of self-criticism and felt dead in the water. Most of the panels are collected here, and a few are stuck on my defunct Instagram account. Now that I’ve re-evaluated the Deadbeat Club, I realize that I want to get back on track and continue by adding story lines with continuity. I’ll be publishing those drawings here.

By the way, I’m no fan of “social media”, and I especially avoid Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. However, I do re-post most everything you see here to Tumblr and VSCO.

I’ve placed Amazon affiliate links in some posts. I only do this for products I’ve actually purchased. If by chance you follow a link and buy a product, Amazon tips a little change out of their big fat wallet to me, at no cost to you.

Have a nice day. :)