Moving the TV

Today I moved my television out of the basement and into the living room. As I’ve already mentioned, I no longer use wi-fi in my home environment. Everything is wired now. I considered drilling a hole through the floor and running a cable down to the basement, but that was more work than I was prepared to do just to watch TV. I just moved the TV.

Now, back to business. Here’s a picture of Buddy Butterfly trying to convince Jimmy Jay to break his mother’s rule against going up to the jaybird-eating chimney. I decided to make Buddy really huge and overbearing. I omitted his wings intentionally.

buddy_tempting_jimmy.jpg, digital coloring, children's picture book

Coloring the Children's Picture Book Linework

At last I’ve finished re-inking. I started coloring today. I’m about 2 months behind my original deadline, but I’m moving steadily. For the coloring I’ll be using my iPad. I found that I can hook up my iPad to my desktop Mac by using the power cable. No other USB-C cable will work. The bad news is that I can only export images created on the iPad by “sharing” them to the iPad photos app; once they’re save as photos I hook up the iPad to the desktop Mac and open them in the desktop Photos app. It’s a hateful hack.

“I’m bored,” said Jimmy.

“I’m bored,” said Jimmy.

Working in inDesign and Kindle Create

The title says it all — I’m filling up my inDesign template with images. I want to preview the layout and text to see what needs fixing. Despite my efforts to keep the re-inked images in one place, they’re still scattered all over the hellish landscape of iCloud, iPad, desktop, and a dozen different folders. It’s time to make lemonade out of the lemon I’ve been cultivating.

Here’s a sample page previewed in Kindle Create.

jimmy_buddy_making_fun.png, inDesign, preview,children's picture book

Picture #32 (the long lost uncle) Re-inking Completed

Today I looked at the rough sketch I drew yesterday of Johnny Jay, the long lost uncle of Jimmy Jay, and thought the picture look stiff. I redrew Bernie the Buddhist Dachshund to give him a little more of a line of action, bending towards Uncle Johnny. I used Procreate on my old 9.5-inch ipad for this.

I still haven’t found a way to export PSD files without using wi-fi. Apple has made it impossible. When I realize that my content is trapped inside of Apple’s lovely prison, I recall a quote of Richard Stallman, “Apple has the tightest digital handcuffs in history.” Amen to that, Richard. Amen.

2019-05-15-19.26.21.jpg, long lost uncle, digital re-inking, ipad pro, procreate

Picture #32, The Long Lost Uncle

To wrap one of the story’s loose ends, the fate of the uncle who fell down the chimney and was never seen again, I’m going to show that he was a buddhist monk who decided to form a sangha with Bernie the Buddhist Dachshund. I made this rough sketch on my old iPad Pro. I spent hours figuring out how to get the image from the iPad to my desktop computer without using wifi. When I have a free moment I might talk about that.

long_lost_uncle.jpg, long lost uncle, children's picture book character concept drawing

Picture #31, Family United

Now that I’m not using wi-fi and not using my iPad, I inked this picture on my desktop computer with my Wacom tablet and Affinity Photo. I felt like a clumsy beginner. But I will get better as I do more work. I used a plain round brush with no personality except for the characteristic wobble that my lines normally have. Wobbly lines have become the hallmark of my style.