Soldiering along two inches at a time

Today I got lucky — two images were big enough and square enough to work with the 8-inch by 8-inch format I’m using for the print version of my children’s picture book. The images also work with the 16:10 e-book format. I do have to adjust the text boxes for both formats. The work goes quickly when the images don’t have to be repainted.

As I’m looking at these pictures and writing the text, I’m wondering: what kind of mother/father would read this book to their children? As a kid, I would have been fine with this story. I liked to read about daring rascals who get into trouble, and then get out of it by wit or by luck. I still enjoy picaresque tales like Post Office by Charles Bukowski.

Finally, a day that has granted me the gift of making two inches of progress!

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