Bored to death

In this Kindle Create mock-up we see Jimmy lying petulantly in the grass. He’s complaining that he’s dying of boredom. Fortunately, Buddy Butterfly has come to his aid with some ideas for putting excitement back in his life.

In this image I extended the original picture to the left. I added the bicycle and a bit of grass. For the ovals and straight lines I used Procreate’s auto shape feature. You draw something close to a geometric shape — circle, triangle, straight line, arc, angle — and Procreate will make it perfect. I’ve used this feature for Jimmy’s glasses and Buddy’s eyes throughout the book, including in the this picture. For the most part I’m going for a hand drawn look, but I feel that the inorganic forms are less distracting if they look normal. Wobbly circles and lines have their place, but I’m working on a tight deadline and need all the help I can get.

bored_stiff_kindle_blog.png boredom, inorganic forms, geometric shapes, Procreate