The Day Job Intrudes on My Inch a Day Schedule

The time flew by today. When I looked up from my work, it was 6 PM…no time to move even an inch forward on my children’s picture book. I had planned to complete yesterday’s gouache painting of a Steller’s Jay, but that didn’t happen.

Time crunches happen when my day job starts a new project. and I’m responsible for getting all of the people connected and engaged. I like my day job for many reasons, and I’m grateful that I have it. My concern is that my future is in the hands of other people. There are signs that what I’m doing, and what I’m good at, may be going out of fashion. When I got into my career the Old Timers told me that everything I know on any give day will be obsolete in three years. . They were right.

But Art doesn’t go out of fashion. That’s the direction I’m going.