The Kindle Create Workspace

I’m getting close to publishing my children’s picture book. Today’s inch forward was to tweak the text and images in inDesign, and then export a PDF. That PDF was imported into Kindle Create.

I’m learning about Kindle Create on a need-to-know basis, which means I’ll only learn the absolute minimum I need to get my book published. I’ve heard that inDesign is very “deep” and requires much study to develop proficiency, but as an impatient know-nothing, I don’t really care about knowning inDesign in depth, at least for e-books. E-book layout is really a matter of designing each page to look half decent on mobile devices of many shapes and resolution. I’m striving for good enough rather than perfect.

Here’s what my book looks like in the Kindle Create workspace.

book_in_kindle_create_workspace.jpg kindle create workspace,children's picture book, work in progress