Sunday Art Club Artrage Challenge: Paint like a Master

This week the Al Fresco Art Club challenge was to learn by trying to paint a masterpiece…that is, try to copy a masterpiece. We got to choose our favorite painting program. We could pick any masterpiece we wanted, and we had to work in one layer with no undo. I chose to copy a Cézanne still life using Artrage. I kept it simple by leaving out some details, including a wine glass, background details, and anything else that wouldn’t fit into my one-hour window. I used a two-color palette: bluish and orange-ish, pretty much the same as Cézanne’s color palette.

I chose a still life because I thought it would be something I could complete in one hour. In that amount of time I managed to get the basic shapes and a rudimentary foreground and background. I learned at least one lesson: Still life’s are harder than they look.

Here’s my interpretation of a Cézanne still life. My reference names this painting simply “Still Life.”