A touch of Hergé

Barnes and Noble lured me into their trap again, this time with a 20% discount coupon. I was in Medford to go shopping at TJ’s, where I bought 12 cubes of Kerry Gold butter to my keto diet. After a quick trip to Chipotle, I casually dropped in to the local B&N to look around. And I bought Tintin: Hergé’s Masterpiece. What a guy Hergé was, except for his passivity during the nazi occupation of Brussels. Besides being the master of the Belgian ligne claire, he was an agnostic Taoist-Buddhist. That makes him a member of my tribe. Except for the clean line, which I’m still working on.

My homage is 100% derivative and respectful, drawn with my trusty Pentel brush pen and painted with my faithful Daniel Smith watercolors, all of it cleaned up in Photoshop.

Here you see that I’ve got my jaybird disguised as Tintin. When you see him sweating he’s usually running to a fight or running away from someone villainous who wants to do him in with a long, curved sword.