Keeping an Online Journal of an Art Project is a Humbling Experience

Today my partner gave me some straight advice. She said, “I cringe when I read your posts — there are typos and grammatical errors in every one. I read your last three posts and found careless errors in all of them. I was afraid to read any more! I know you want to share what you’re doing, but you’ve gotta do better. Those errors are a real turn-off. Try reading your posts aloud before you push the publish button. There’s no way you’ll wittingly make those posts public if you’d just take the time to read them out loud.”

That hit me hard. She’s my biggest supporter and she’s cringing. And I know she’s right. Today I went back through the last two week’s posts and found typos and grammar errors in every post. I know that I get sloppy and lazy when I’m rushed, but I’ve got to get the writing right. After all, I’m a writer.

So, today I spent my time proofreading my sloppy work. It’s painful and embarrassing to think that I’ve been putting out shitty writing for months. Wow!

So, no picture today…just a post with no typos or grammar errors. That’s my daily inch.