Pictures #32 and #8, and introducing Johnny Jay, the Buddhist

Today everything seemed hard and exhausting. I felt like i was trying to run through an swamp of gelatin. I fiddled with picture #8 for most of the day and hated the results. I was working with 20 layers and going nuts. I took a break, read a little about VIncent Van Gogh’s family life in Zundert, and counted myself lucky to have small problems. With an improved outlook on life, I returned to #8, deleted the hateful layers, and was able to finish painting it. I then went on to picture #32, which introduces the long-lost Uncle Johnny Jay, a buddhist, and enjoyed finishing it.

I’m aware that my graphic style is still inconsistent. But I’m also aware that my style is more consistent than it was 6 months ago. In a couple of years I might actually have a style.

I considered adding captions to these images, but I can’t find a way to add them when I’m in Squarespace’s “gallery” mode. There’s probably away to add captions, but it’s not obvious to me.

Buddy Butterfly Pictures are Rolling Out

After coloring three drawings today, I collapsed into a sweet coma on the Ikea Kivik. With each drawing the Apple pencil became heavier and heavier, until it felt as if I were curling a 20-lb dumbbell.

Buddy Butterfly is featured today. He seems to be an arrogant little guy. I don’t know what he’s trying to prove. You would think that he would be happy to be part of the Jay family, but it looks like his personal issues are surfacing. I think it’s always more interesting when there’s a mischievous character stirring up trouble.

Picture #27, Jimmy and Buddy Emerge from Stove

Today’s post is a spoiler — Jimmy and buddy are alive even though they fell down that bird-eating chimney! They’re just lucky that it was deactivated years ago by the new home owner, Bernie the Buddhist Dachshund. Of course, the chimney is still lined with soot, which explains why they’re so filthy. Bernie decommissioned the wood burning stove because it was a gross polluter with a big carbon footprint. He kept it as a lovely decorative antique. Bernie has a great sense of interior design.

jimmy_and_buddy_emerge_stove.jpg, children's book, spoiler, Procreate

Picture #25, Another Day, Another Picture Colored

The news of the day is that the iPad can work with ethernet. My file transfer problem is solved. It does mean that I will be adding another dongle to my personal Dongle Hell. My desk is a snake pit of cables. Still, I’m happy that my iPad Pro is no longer a $1,000 brick.

are_you_okay_thumbs_up.jpg, final inking, children's picture book, work in progress

Picture #29 colored, Mother Scolds Disobedient Blue Jay

When I work on this image, which shows Momma Jay is expressing disappointment in her son, I think I’m moving the story towards more sophisticated readers, perhaps into the 6 to 10 years-old age range. This picture shows a mother scolding her son, which is contrary to what you would expect from the usual children’s book mother. Children’s books for youngsters and tykes show mothers and fathers who are invariably warm, loving, and supportive. In my story, Momma Jay is disappointed and upset that her son has disobeyed her and has done something so dangerous that he could have lost his life. The reader will be aware that she’s being unfair to Jimmy — Buddy was the instigator, not Jimmy! Momma Jay is scolding the wrong person. So much drama!

Coloring the Children's Picture Book Linework

At last I’ve finished re-inking. I started coloring today. I’m about 2 months behind my original deadline, but I’m moving steadily. For the coloring I’ll be using my iPad. I found that I can hook up my iPad to my desktop Mac by using the power cable. No other USB-C cable will work. The bad news is that I can only export images created on the iPad by “sharing” them to the iPad photos app; once they’re save as photos I hook up the iPad to the desktop Mac and open them in the desktop Photos app. It’s a hateful hack.

“I’m bored,” said Jimmy.

“I’m bored,” said Jimmy.