Momma Jay Knocks on Bernie the Buddhist Dachshund's Door

I’m drawing close to the end of painting all of the images for the book. However, I’m not certain that I have completed all of the paintings. I suspect that I’ve missed some of the images that were part of the storyboard. To make sure I’m on the right path, my next step, tomorrow, is to insert all of the completed images into the inDesign template to see what’s missing.

As I’m writing this, I realize that one my lack of organization has slowed down my progress immensely. Sometimes I feel that I’m just rushing ahead, pedal to the metal, without knowing which direction I’m going. Inevitably I’ll have to backtrack to get back on the right path. Throughout this project, I’ve gotten off track dozens of times and I’ve had to correct myself dozens of times. Fortunately, I realize that it’s normal to lose focus. It’s also normal to make corrections. Getting distracted and noticing that you’re distracted is just part of any long term project. I don’t beat myself up about flying off into the wild blue yonder.

Momma Jay meets Bernie the Buddhist Dachshund, distraught mother, calm buddhist, procreate, ipad pro