Re-inking the treehouse


Every morning I look at my previous night’s work. In the past I’ve found fault with pretty much everything thing I do, whether it’s my fiction or my drawings. I don’t take that voice seriously any more. Too many times I’ve looked at my old work and thought, “Damn, that’s good. Why did I give up so easily.” I’ve learned the my inner critic is just a real noisy bitch with nothing constructive to say. So, today I looked at my inked treehouse and liked it. But, that’s not to say that I can’t improve the line work. The problem is that inking with a technical pen makes for a flat drawing with all the lines the same visually uninteresting width.

I slapped my sketch on the lightbox and re-inked it with heavier lines in some places. The tree house definitely has more “pop”, and I added a door in the tree trunk.

The color palette at the bottom corner is the Tom Purvis advertising poster scheme that I’m going to use when I paint this picture tomorrow. I like the friendly colors. I found it in the Retro Graphics book.

That front door looks inviting.