Yet another lost picture re-inked and re-painted

The great thing about collecting all of the images and text into inDesign is that I can see which pictures are missing. When I say “missing”, I mean I can’t find them anywhere on my computer even though I processed them and posted them to this blog. I know that the did exist at one unknown time in the past.

The last time I checked there are about 1.2 million files in my home directory. I have half a dozen folders with images for this project. I have no clue what the image file is named. I’ve learned that it’s actually faster to re-do the picture than to look for it. The upside is that I believe that I’ve improved the picture. It should be improved — this is the third time I’ve repainted it. Now I have to put the picture somewhere that I can find it.

first_page_final_colored.jpg re-inking another page, procreate, frankentoon brushes

Day 2 of Re-inking the "All Aboard" Picture

I expected that I would finish re-inking this today. Wrong!

If you look closely you’ll see that the rear tires are going to be eyes, pretty eyes at that, with long girly eyelashes. One of the benefits of doing children’s picture books is that you’re free to be your whimsical self ... I hope.

I’m digging this blue color scheme.

I’m digging this blue color scheme.