Affinity Photo For The iPad Is Officially An Obsession

I’m having nightmares about Affinity Photo. The problem is that it’s a deep, full-featured program with a lot of functionality hidden behind gestures, contextual features, “personas”, and “studios.” So far I’ve learned the basics of selecting and deleting selections, the triple color pickers that all have different functionality, installing brushes and swatches, and more. My biggest inspiration for using Affinity Photo is, a cool site with some great free and for-pay resources for Affinity Designer and Photo, and Procreate. Frankentoon provides killer demos showing what you can accomplish with his brushes, and with his talent! Exciting stuff. has great Procreate resources, too. I bought his Procreate Crayon Brush pack for my partner — when she saw the demo video and she totally coveted them.

aeolus_jimmy_buddy copy.jpg, finished coloring, Affinity Photo