Picture #23 Momma Jay Yelling to Jimmy, colored with Procreate

I’m coloring the story’s images out of sequence. You would think that it would be a good idea to start with picture #1 and then go to 2, 3, 4, etc. I agree. That is a good idea, but I’m doing them in the order that feels right when I sit down to paint. When I’m a little tired and impatient, my plans for systematic creation simply fly out the window and I’m left to my raw instincts.

In this image Momma Jay sees Jimmy on the roof. He’s looking down the chimney. Naturally, she’s terrified that he’s going to be swallowed just like her long lost brother. I don’t blame her for being scared.

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Doing Laundry, Whacking Weeds, Chopping Down a Tree, Scraping Moss off the Roof, and Painting

The title says it all…that’s what I did today. It’s Saturday and my regular chore is to do the laundry, which I enjoy because I get some unbroken reading and surfing time. I had a lot more to do than laundry. It so happens that Spring is here and all of the trees and weeds have gone berserk. It’s my job to keep them from taking over. Weed whacking is one of my favorite chores, and chopping off a huge limb that was threatening to crush the neighbor’s fence was fun.

With all the excitement going on, I still had a few moments to work on the picture showing Jimmy diving to catch Buddy as Buddy is falling down the chimney. I loaded it into Affinity Photo, scaled it up to 5000x3500, and inked it again. I ran out of time while coloring it, so I’m presenting the half-painted picture.

BTW, this image was exported directly from Affinity Photo on the iPad Pro. For the first time Photoshop was not involved in my workflow.

aeolus_jimmy_buddy copy.jpg, half-painted picture, work in progress,children's book

Walking into the Light at the End of the Story

I plan to make this drawing of the family walking (and flying) together the final image in my children’s picture book. I’ve done several other pictures that seemed, at the time, to be the right picture for the last page of the book, and I may change my mind about this picture. So many options in designing a book, an infinite number, in fact! At some point I’m going to stick a fork in it and declare it finished.

There is a problem with this drawing — the line width is too thick. This happened because, again, I couldn’t find the original PSD file and had to scale up the PNG that I created for a previous blog post.

I painted this image with Affinity Photo on my iPad. I’m a little more comfortable with the program today than yesterday. Practice works wonders. I’m optimistic that Affinity Photo will be my go-to painting app.

And so, one story ends and another begins…

And so, one story ends and another begins…

Another Work In Progress: Momma Jay Meets the House Owner


The big news today is that I admitted to myself that I won’t meet my March 31 deadline, no matter how positive I’m feeling about my progress. I have 8 to 10 more paintings to finish and I have to learn enough InDesign to create a simple layout with text and images. Once that’s don I have to go through the IngramSpark learning process — I have no idea how long that will take. So, I decided to the sane thing and create a realistic schedule based on my available time and skills. In the end, I extended my deadline by two weeks to April 15th.

Work in progress

Work in progress