Picture #26, Introducing Bernie the Buddhist Dachsund

Bernie the Buddhist Dachsund owns the house with the deadly chimney. In this picture, he’s startled when Jimmy and Buddy start yelling for help inside the old stove. I spent lots of time on Bernie’s ears, but I’m not happy with them. He looks like a rabbit. Tomorrow I’ll make it obvious he’s a dog. I’ll redo the ears, work on the mouth, and shift his head to a 3/4 view. I’ll give him some canine teeth, too. I think I’ll decorate Bernie’s house a little, perhaps with a nice Persian carpet and some bookshelves to hold his many books.

Bernie the Buddhist Dachsund is my favorite Deadbeat Club character. I thought it would be fun to bring him into the world of the Steller’s Jays, perhaps as a regular character in future stories.

Bernie is getting a makeover tomorrow!

Jimmy Jay and Topaz make eye contact


I spent my painting time putting together the sketch and color layers I created yesterday. I thought it would take about an hour, but it took much longer. I spent more time on the digital compositing than on the actual drawing and painting. Photoshop is an awesome and seductive time sink. Still, I like what I can do with PS. I’m happy working in a hybrid way, using traditional media to create and digital to get it ready for publication.

The final image of two day’s labor… One of the problems with animal characters is what to do with their tails. Notice that Jimmy doesn’t have a tail, but Topaz does.

Hmmm. It looks like I’ve mislaid Topaz’ eyepatch.