Chore Day, Oct 12, 2019 -- Lots of Cooking, Frustration, and Other Fun

Chore day comes around again. I was in the kitchen cooking from 8:30 AM to 1:30 PM. I have lots of good stuff to eat next week, all no-fat vegan stuff: curried cauliflower soup, Bolognese lentil spaghetti sauce with lentil and brown rice pasta, lentil and black bean rice with brocolli, vegetable stock, and a batch of no-fat humus for snacking.

After lunch I spent the rest of the day working with Linux video software. I’m planning on making some courses on Skillshare. They’ll be based on some courses I’m teaching at the local college. Since the courses are going to be dropped from the curriculum, I’ll preserve them for posterity — however long that is — by putting them on the Web.

And now, at day’s end, I’m going to chill with the family. This was a good week.

Chore Day Oct 5, 2019 -- Cooking for the Week, Going to the Art Store, and Brainstorming

Every Saturday I cook up food for the week, usually making some bean and sweet potato burgers for my canine amigos (with all the nutrients required by canines), and some delicious goodies for myself, such as rice and beans flavored with lots of powerful spices.

The big event of the day was a trip to B&N in Medford, where I bought the latest issue of Ad Busters which asks, Can artists save the world with a Brutalist new aesthetic? That’s a question well worth investigating, I say. To prepare myself for the future, I went to Art Central I bought a big Fabriano notebook for my gouache paintings, a Kunst und Papier watercolor tablet, and four small Princeton brushes for my gouache painting. They have with eye-pleasing cerulean-colored handles.

And I did some uncritical brainstorming on the iPad — I’m trying to figure out how to do the cover image of Jimmy Jay jumping down a chimney. This is my third effort. I think I’m loosening up a little with each attempt.

Keeping Colors Consistent Throughout the Book

Just as I feel ready to think about publishing, opened the book in InDesign and the first thing I noticed is that that Jimmy’s shirt is different colors in several images. I don’t even want to think about Jimmy’s apparent age being inconsisten from one page to another. I’ll work on these problems tomorrow, because today was Saturday, and that means it’s a chore day. As I usually do, I cooked up enough food to carry me through the next 4 or 5 days. I made a pots of three-bean chili, curried cauliflower soup, and delicious humus.

Back to Art. Here’s an example of the color inconsistency I mentioned earlier.

Chore Day Sep 7, 2019 -- Arteza Gouache Color Swatches

Besides my usual chores (cooking for my furry friends), I went to the Coop for onions, garlic, kale, and vegetable broth. There are times when I feel disbelief that I now eat only plants. But, I do, and I’m happy with what I eat.

Besides thinking about food I made some color swatches for the Arteza gouache kit I bought a few weeks ago. There are 60 colors, most of them are convenience colors. Here are the first 20. There’s no telling when I’ll do the other 40 — I find doing the color swatches to be tedious and frustrating. I usually screw them up with misspellings, putting the wrong label on a color, irregular lettering, and so on. When I see Youtubers with Youtube smiles on their face doing elaborate and perfect color swatches, I assume they couldn’t think of anything important to talk about, so, hey!, why not do another set of color swatches using some gouache/watercolors they would never use in their own art.

Here’s my contribution to color swatches. You can see that some of the colors are transparent or semi-transparent. The Peach Red is a neon color and difficult to capture in a photograph or scan. The “Pearl” colors are mica-based to give them a shimmer, which also cannot be captured in a photo or scan.

atreza_swatches_first_20_blog.png Arteza gouache,color swatches

Chore Day, Aug 24, 2019 -- Bean and Sweet Potato Burgers, Humus, and Curried Cauliflower

The bean and sweet potato burgers were for my furry friends. As for the humus and curried cauliflower, I’m happy with the recipes I’m using, but I doubled the spices. I have a deep appreciation for hot, spicy food.

I spent about four hours cooking. Usually I listen to hair metal bands — Poison, Motley Crue, Quiet Riot, and so on — but today I propped my iPad propped on the kitchen table so I cold binge watch Jame Gurney’s water color and gouache Youtube videos. That guy is amazing. He’s the Leonardo da Vinci of DIY for art, illustration, and painting. And dinosaurs.

No picture today. Ran out of time.

Out and About in Southern Oregon

I was out of the house most of today. When I got home I spent an hour in InDesign rearranging images to tighten up the flow of the story. I even removed a page, which hurt a bit because I have lavished a lot of time and love on that picture. But, I have a 32-page limit to stick to. It hurts to lose the one you love.

While I was in Medford I went to our amazingly well-stocked art store, Central Art Supply. Considering that we’re in the middle of Nowhere — 400 miles are from Portland or San Francisco — Central Art has a full line of Winsor and Newton, Holbein, and Daniel Smith water colors, Copic markers, Arches and Fabriano paper. And, prices are competitive with the big online vendors. I’ve made a pact with myself to buy all of my art supplies at Central. I really want to do my part to support their business. It’s fun to go into a brick and mortar store and touch the goodies.

I bought some gouache and a couple of water brushes. I’m preparing to learn how to paint with real paint.