Backing Photoshop Files

Today was a digital chore day. In my quest to organize all of the PSD files that I’ve created for this project — about 200 — I scoured my hard drive, found them all, and saved them to a backup disk. It makes sense to have a second backup on another computer just in case my iMac drops dead. So, I copied all of the files to one of the extra drives in my Linux machine, which I’m using as a network storage machine.

Still there were missing files. They’re missing because I never exported them to iCloud. Today, when I tried to do that, the files were uploading at a rate of 8KB per second…tragically slow. At that rate, it would take hours to upload a 240MB PSD file. I gave up. I do have a work-around; I export the files as jpegs and email them to myself.

No image today.