Busy with inDesign, Organizing Images & Hip, Hip, Hooray! to James Gurney

Since I started this project I’ve been dealing with my demons. I’ve been aware that I’m scattering images over multiple directories and computers. When I have to edit one of them, I can’t find it. It’s gotten so bad I have images on my iPad that aren’t on my desktop. I have images on iCloud or Onedrive; I have images stored in emails. There are images, even PSDs in my Downloads directory. And on my Desktop! What in the hell was I thinking?

So I’m dealing with those demons now because they’ve come back to bite me, hard, now that I’m redoing some images to work in a square 8” by 8” page.

In more interesting news, I received James Gurney’s Imaginative Realism - How to Paint What Doesn’t Exist today. In fact, I got two copies — I accidentally double-ordered from Amazon. It’s obvious that I’m enthralled with James Gurney’s concept art and his instructive books. His Gurney Journey website is a treasure of thoughtful information in these dark days when so many artists are sequestering themselves in their closed-off Facebook accounts. There’s nothing sadder than to visit an artist’s website only see the message “I’m moving to Instagram/Facebook.” I could name a few, but I don’t want to go down that dreary road. However, I will say “Hip, hip, hooray!” to James Gurney for doing his part to keep the open Web alive.