What to Do When the Electricty Is Off

Some unfortunate soul knocked down a power pole today and several hundred people, including myself, were given the gift of a few moments of silence. I noticed that the neighborhood was uncannily silent. I was surprised that we people with our electricity generate a constant wall of ambient noise which our brains ignore. I was hearing the silence of my neighbor’s disabled air conditioner.

Standing at my window, I became aware that I live in a forest. I could hear the rustling of wind through the massive Deodor Cedars that border my property. At this time of year, early summer, they begin to release their worn out needles as if snowing.

I began to think of how dependent I am on electricity for earning a living. Then I thought of my art. I use many electronic devices that were useless now. But then I thought, “You think like this every time the juice goes off. You still have pen and paper. When the lights go out, draw something, you fool.”

An hour later the electricity came back on, and I went back to work as usual. But I thank the anonymous driver who knocked down the power pole. He or she gave me a chance to get a little perspective.

Speaking of perspective, here’s an Artrage sketch I made on my Wednesday Walk using my iPad.