Pitter patter! Let's get at her!

Today I decided to get back on track, fixing one problem at a time. Today I worked on fixing the broken links to images that I’ve moved since I originally placed them into the inDesign document. I moved some of the images and inDesign reports a warning when I load the document. In the Window -> Links panel there’s a list of all linked images. The broken links have a red tag. I tracked down original PSD files for the missing images and exported them again.

The image showing Buddy straddling the chimney is a 7.7 MB file, which is probably larger than necessary. I’ve read that uploading any eBook to Amazon over 5 MB incurs extra charges for each MB. My project weighs in a at a hefty 58 MB.

300_ppi_ebook_image.png indesign, children's book, fixing images, broken links