My Ingramspark Learning Curve

When I started this project in December, 2018, the first thing I did was create an Ingramspark account. The next thing I did was to use the Publisher Compensation Calculator to figure out how much money I would be raking in when the book went big time. Here’s what I came up with.

  • A 32-page picture book with a soft cover priced at $8.49 would have a profit of $0.99.

  • A hardbound version costing $18.49 would have a profit of $0.89.

These are not big numbers, and they don’t take into consideration the big bucks that would come from Hollywood. That’s intended as humor, of course. My hope is that the book will sell over a period of years and create a steady stream — or trickle — of revenue. In the meantime I’ll create more books and each of them will add their trickle to the stream.

All of those trickles and streams are a pipe dream at the moment. My real concern now is digesting all of the instructions in the Ingramspark File Creation Guide. It’s deep. Really deep!