It's too late to save Buddy Butterfly

In are burst of activity I edited two images and reformatted them in inDesign. The pictures are okay, but I noticed some new problems. In one picture I drew the clouds by hand; in the other I used a digital cloud brush. When I saw this inconsistency I started to think about how the reader might be distracted by the change in styles — I am and I’m the artist! I then considered going through all of the pictures and standardizing the way the clouds are painted. That’s a scary thought because there are lots of clouds. Then I began to think, if I try to make this book perfect, I’ll never finish it. I’ve been working for 8 months for a 3-month project. Every revision sets me back, and the publish date is being pushed further into the future.

I’m going to have to let the cloud problem fade into the background. In the next book all of the clouds will be drawn in the same style.

Clouds painted with a digital brush.

Clouds drawn by hand.