One of those days when things get off track in so many ways

With a new project at work and some software problems in the art studio, there was no art made today. Nothing.

My new project at my square job took longer than I thought it would. I’m really not surprised at that. I usually give a cockeyed optimistic estimation of how long something will take to complete. Then I double it because I know that I always underestimate the situation. And then the job always takes longer than my doubled estimate. Is quadrupling next?

The other problem came out of the blue. My wife’s Wacom tablet stopped working when she unplugged the USB cable and plugged it back in. The stylus stopped working. We know the tablet’s good — I plugged it into my computer and it worked fine. We reinstalled the tablet drivers — several times. We installed the older version of the driver. Nothing. We’re at this moment using the hated Time Machine backup program to restore the Library folder that might not be screwed up. If that doesn’t work we’ll wipe the disk and reinstall the OS from scratch. That will take another 4 hours. Over the last year I’ve had nothing but problems with my Apple devices. My new iMac has been screwy and weird from Day One. My next computer will be running Windows.