Changing the layout of the inDesign book template

With my images of various sizes I figure that I can change the margins of the inDesign template to get enough wiggle room for most of the pictures to look pretty good. Doing a little nudging and tweaking is preferable to redrawing the misfit images. I reduced the margins from 20 mm to 5 mm for the e-book template. I had to google “change margins for all indesign pages” to learn that I go to File -> Adjust Layout. I like the skinny little margins. I might even change them to 0 mm to bleed to the edge of the screen. I’m basing my margins on what I see in the Kindle Cread preview app. I’m hoping that the preview shows what readers will actually see on their devices!

Going through my rough draft tonight I got a feeling of a good feeling…satisfaction. It was great to see all of the pictures and all of the text laid out. I still have some work to do on both the images and text, but I’m pleased with what I see.

new_margins_layout_for_blog.jpg, inDesign, e-book margins