Sunday al fresco sketch of the Southern Oregon Siskiyous

This my third al fresco sketch. As I collected my gear I was thinking that there’s nothing interesting in my back yard. Could I be bored with the Al Fresco Art Club already? Once I seated myself under one of our dominating deodor cedars, I looked to the East and noticed some large cumulonimbus clouds over the distant Siskiyou mountain range. There was interesting atmospheric perspective (which I didn’t capture in my sketch), and my partner, wearing her Van Gogh straw hat, sat in the foreground painting in her sketchbook.

I used my Pentel Brush pen for inking. It’s pretty beat up — it doesn’t come to a point anymore, but then again, it never did, really. I did a rough sketch with a 2H pencil then inked the sketch with the brush pen. It was fun, and not at all boring.

al_fresco_june_16_2019.png al fresco, brush pen, ink