Drawing Club Day

It’s Sunday and I’m beat. As much as I’d like go, go, go 24/7 on my children’s book, I’m weary and my tail is dragging. The thought of cracking open inDesign or Procreate is more than I can deal with. So…I’ve decided that I need one day a week, every week, to turn down the volume and have some fun.

What is fun? Fun is watching videos about historical figures, medieval life, Roman history. Fun is going outside to sketch with the drawing club, or staying inside to practice using Artrage, my current favorite digital painting application. Fun is shutting down at 6:30 pm and watching some kind of corny romantic comedy. Fun is reading a Clive Cussler thriller before dropping off to sleep. That’s what fun is.

And doodling is fun, too.

day of rest, doodle, having some fun