Al Fresco Sketching with my Sunday Art Club

This sketch took about 45 minutes. I spent most of the time on the flagstones at the bottom of the picture. When I think about these sketches I wonder what they would look like if I could bring myself to take the time to get the values right, especially getting the darks darker. The fact is, after spending 45 minutes on this picture, I was mentally exhausted, which, in my mind, translates to “finished!” I’m aware that I’m an impatient artist when I’m learning something hard. Sketching, for me, is hard work.

I’m working on making every stroke be a mindful stroke. Let’s just say that I’m at the beginning of my journey.

I intentionally don’t remove the three dandelion plants growing in the pathway. They give the place a lived in look.

al fresco sketching, graphite, back yard, pathway