Picture #27, A Helping Hand Rescues Jimmy and Buddy

The helping hand belongs to Bernie the Buddhist Dachshund. What a kind soul he is!

I’ve stopped putting Amazon affiliate links into the posts. I personally don’t mind seeing affiliate links in posts, and sometimes I actually follow the link to make sure one of my favorite bloggers gets a few dollars for his efforts. My reason for leaving out affiliate links is that I’m really pushed for time these days and I’d rather spend my extra few minutes tweaking my posts. I especially need to spend more time proofreading them.

My problem with proofreading is that I hate to reread my writing. Rereading is painful drudgery. Most of the time, when I type the last word of a post, instead of rereading what I’ve just typed, I say to hell with it and push “Save & Publish” button. The consequence is that every post has typos and missing words. Fortunately, my partner reads my posts and gives me a post-it with a list of my careless errors and oversights. If there are no errors in this post, it’s because she took the time to make sure I don’t embarrass myself excessively.

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