Pictures #32 and #8, and introducing Johnny Jay, the Buddhist

Today everything seemed hard and exhausting. I felt like i was trying to run through an swamp of gelatin. I fiddled with picture #8 for most of the day and hated the results. I was working with 20 layers and going nuts. I took a break, read a little about VIncent Van Gogh’s family life in Zundert, and counted myself lucky to have small problems. With an improved outlook on life, I returned to #8, deleted the hateful layers, and was able to finish painting it. I then went on to picture #32, which introduces the long-lost Uncle Johnny Jay, a buddhist, and enjoyed finishing it.

I’m aware that my graphic style is still inconsistent. But I’m also aware that my style is more consistent than it was 6 months ago. In a couple of years I might actually have a style.

I considered adding captions to these images, but I can’t find a way to add them when I’m in Squarespace’s “gallery” mode. There’s probably away to add captions, but it’s not obvious to me.