Picture #32 (the long lost uncle) Re-inking Completed

Today I looked at the rough sketch I drew yesterday of Johnny Jay, the long lost uncle of Jimmy Jay, and thought the picture look stiff. I redrew Bernie the Buddhist Dachshund to give him a little more of a line of action, bending towards Uncle Johnny. I used Procreate on my old 9.5-inch ipad for this.

I still haven’t found a way to export PSD files without using wi-fi. Apple has made it impossible. When I realize that my content is trapped inside of Apple’s lovely prison, I recall a quote of Richard Stallman, “Apple has the tightest digital handcuffs in history.” Amen to that, Richard. Amen.

2019-05-15-19.26.21.jpg, long lost uncle, digital re-inking, ipad pro, procreate