EMF Reduction Day

I spent most of the day reducing the EMF level in my home. I decided to hook up everything with Ethernet cables. This means my iPads will be consigned to storage until I can figure out whether they’re going to be of any use. Besides reducing EMF, I’m moving away from digital art. My focus will be on traditional media — pen and ink, watercolor, and markers. I’ll still have my desktop computer with Photoshop and Affinity Photo & Designer for the digital parts of my work flow. And I still have my laptop computer and scanner.

What I won’t have are the iPad Pros and their best feature: Airdrop. Airdrop is Apple’s way of passing files between devices. I naively thought that Airdrop used Bluetooth to transfer files, but it doesn’t. It uses Bluetooth and wi-fi. Since I’m a wi-fi atellier now, Airdrop is useless in my work flow. When Airdrop is useless, the iPad Pro is useless. When the iPad Pro is useless, Procreate is useless.

As I tried to cut back on the EMF in my life, I got a clear view of Apple’s strategy for creating a dependency on wireless devices and services like iTunes and iCloud. Apple strategically removed any other way for their devices to connect outside of the Apple domain. There are no Micro SD readers, no Ethernet connections, no USB-3 ports. Just for a moment I thought that the iPad Pro’s USB-C port could be used for transferring files from my existing USB-3 drives. That turned out to be wishful thinking. I got an error message that my SSD drives are not readable.

I remind myself; traditional art is where it’s at. Long live pen and ink!

2019_05_12.gif sketch, EMF Reduction, Photoshop