Picture #23, Momma Jay Shouts a Warning

This picture, #23, actually goes before #22, in which Jimmy jumps down the chimney. In this picture Momma Jay doesn’t know that Buddy has fallen down the chimney and that Jimmy is going to rescue him. She thinks that Jimmy is up there by himself, disobeying her commandment.

Speaking of Jays, there’s a real life parallel going on in our yard. A pair of Steller’s Jays have built a nest about halfway up our Sequoia tree. Yes, we have a sequoia tree, or rather, the sequoia tree has us. It drops a ton of spiny needles every year and nothing grows in its shade, plus it tilts at a 15-degree angle over the neighbor’s property. It is, however, bird friendly.

I’m hoping that none of our feathered friends falls down our chimney this year.

I don’t know if our sequoia jays are the same jays that were building a nest in the Oregon Berry bush in front of the house. Whoever they are, they’re very amusing and noisy. I’m considering getting them a feeder, but it will have to be something that the neighborhood thuggish squirrels can’t pillage.

I’m about half done with this picture. I’m going to add a background tomorrow.

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