A Mockup of the Cover of My Children's Book

At last I’m getting something going with inDesign and Kindle Create. For this example cover I placed the text and image into the inDesign document, exported the project as a 32-page PDF (most of the pages are blank at this point), opened the PDF with Kindle Create, created a new comic, and got a preview…all without reading a word of documentation. Really, I’m one of those people who starts pushing the big red buttons and waits to see what will happen.

InDesign has some similarities ot Illustrator — lots of objects to move around and panels to adjust text and leading. I going to do some work with many of the images to make sure they look good with the landscape format. The layout will be fixed, which means that reader’s won’t be able to change the text size.

Kindle Create, inDesign, Front page preview, children's book