Picture #21, Jimmy Hears a Cry for Help

Everyday I’m another picture closer to starting to paint. I’ve finished 21 re-inkings and have about 12 to go. I’m getting excited about laying down some color. I’ve noticed that I tend to get cocky when I’m excited and enthusiastic. It’s at those times that I overestimate my skills and underestimate how long a job will take. Since I started working on being a little more mindful about my wild thought, I now have a sensible voice in my head that says, “Steady there, fellow. Don’t get cocky! Take it one day at a time, one painting at a time.”

After many decades of self-sabotage, it’s good to hear a helpful voice coming from inside of me.

re-inking, A Cry for Help, friendship, danger, children's picture book, Unconventional