Image #19, Buddy Showing A Less Appealing Side of His Personality

Yes, Buddy is a jerk sometimes. I really need him in this story because all of the other characters are sweethearts. Though, I’m not so sure about those two mice. I believe that some children’s stories need a foil to work against the grain of goodness. Jimmy Jay is a really good kid, and Buddy Butterfly is a little rebellious. Compared to Jimmy, he’s an outlaw. But that’s his charm. I put a little thought into drawing his mouth. I love hatching, probably too much.

Speaking of hatching, my copy of The Complete Etchings of Rembrandt arrived today. I bought it used for cheap. I was pleased that the book was in perfect condition, and the extra poster inserts were included. All of the reproductions are full-size, some of them are smaller than the palm of my hand. They’re amazingly detailed.

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