Image #18, Buddy Butterfly Doing the Unthinkable

The “unthinkable” act that Buddy is obviously relishing is disobeying Momma Jay’s first commandment: stay away from the murderous chimney! Buddy has a big problem with authority. We’ll see where that attitude gets him!

I made some changes from the previous version of this picture, mostly with Buddy’s wings. I’ve been struggling with his wings since the first time I drew him. I made him smaller, fixed his wings, and moved him to the left of the chimney. Now that I’m looking at this picture a little more objectively, I see that his wing is covering too much of his face. I have to move his head a little to the left to show his rascally grin. I considered fixing his face in Photoshop as I was creating this JPEG, but damn, it’s so much easier and faster in Procreate!

Buddy disobeys a commandment, children's picture book,work in progress