#14, A Montage of Jimmy and Buddy Doing What Kids Do on Summer Vacation

This post almost didn’t make it. My Apple products started acting really bitchy and didn’t want to cooperate. I thought back to the desperate solutions I had to resort to in my Windows days, which included, at worst, wiping my hard disks and reinstalling Windows from 14 floppy disks. I’ve actually had to reinstall OS X several times just recently, when the horrible Mojave update caused me weeks of chaos. Apple, what’s going on over there in Cupertino? Anybody home?

Today I didn’t have to reinstall anything. I just rebooted everything, iMac and iPad, and it worked.

Here’s the fancy montage that’s intended to lead the viewer’s eye sequentially from the top left down to the bottom right. The line weight increases from back to front. The heaviest lines are given to the final image showing the boys listening to music in the pool. What a wonderful life they have.

boys_playing.psc.jpg sequential image, lead viewer's eye, children's book