Image #9, The Tree House

After the bird house disaster in my front yard yesterday, it’s ironic that I’m re-inking the Jay family’s new tree house. The repair job I did on the bird nest in my Oregon Berry bushes didn’t turn out well. It rained last night and this morning the nest was tilting perilously. It looked crushed and rain-damaged. The original nest was perched high in a stable branch that leaned against the house, and it was sheltered under the eaves of the roof. If I were a Stellar Jay, I would not be happy with the poorly rebuilt nest. I would look for a safer place for my family.

Despite my disappointment in the condition of the nest, I tried to prop it up a little better, just in case my jays return to reevaluate their nest. My only solace is that the birds are healthy and it’s early in the mating season. There’s still time for them to build another nest. I hope.

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