Image #8, Momma Jay Showing the Kids Their New Home

Tomorrow, April 15, is the deadline I set for publishing this book. Actually, it’s the second deadline — the original deadline for publishing this book was March 31. I set that deadine in December 2018. And now, with my decision to re-ink all of the images, I must reset the deadline again. When I reset the deadline to May 15, I successfully convinced myself that I could redraw 32 images in 2 weeks. That decision was based on oblivious pride and a delusion. Now I’m going to swallow my pride and set a realistic deadline. Damn it! This book is going to take another month. My deadline is now May 15.

It’s not that I’m procrastinating. I work steadily every day using what time I have after my day job. I’m sure that I’m putting everything I have into this project. I’m confident that I’ll complete this project, and that’s a great feeling. As a worker bee, I’ve completed many projects for my employers. This is the first time I’m confident that I can complete my own project. My life has been pockmarked by innumerable unfinished projects, including a several unfinished novels that I worked on for 10 years and just gave up on. I’m confident now because I have a system working for me. It’s guaranteed to work. The plans mantra is, “Do something that moves you forward every day, even it moves you only one inch.” Moving one inch a day isn’t the meteoric progress I’d like, but I know it will work. And I’ll do it one day at a time, one inch at a time.

As usual, I’m doing the line work in Procreate. Notice that Buddy Butterfly has flown up the new house. He’s hard to see in the black and white image, but once his wings are painted a bright orange, he’ll be easy to spot. He’s such a showoff!

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