Repainting a Clobbered Drawing

One thing that’s different today is that there’s not a first line of “XX/365”. I’m going to ditch the “365 day project” stuff.

Now that I see myself as an illustrator and author of children’s books, I don’t see much point is carving a notch on the Internet every time I do my job. Counting the days I go to work is a pointless gimmick. But, these look-how-many-days-I’ve-done-something projects have their use; they prod you to stop binge-watching Letterkenny and start doing your chores. That’s good enough, I say. And now, there’s choring to do. Pitter patter!

Today I discovered that I had overwritten the PSD file containing the image of Jimmy and Buddy reading comic books on the bus ride to Ashland. It happened like this: I was doing all of my editing in the .tiff file that came out of the scanner. When I exported the PNG for the blog post, I closed the .tiff file and got the pop-up: “Save changes?” I like to save the original scan for just-in-case, so I said No. That’s when I lost my work — I had never saved the image as a PSD file. Doh!

Fortunately I had the scan to work with. The PNG file supplied the color palette I had used the first time I worked on this drawing.

Boys reading comics on the bus, children's book, digital coloring