Our Heroes Emerge from Desperate Straits


I colored today’s drawing in Photoshop rather than Sketchbook. It went okay, but I had to do without a few of Sketchbook’s really handy features. In Sketchbook you can switch to the previous brush by hitting “S”. But in Photoshop there’s no way to switch to the previous tool—you have to back to the brush palette. The other Sketchbook feature I missed, my favorite in fact, was the built-in Copic color palette that shows the complements of every selected color. There’s nothing like that in Photoshop, as far as I know. My workaround was to do a screen print of the Sketchbook Copic palette, open it in Photoshop, and select colors from that. Poor me—I have so many grass-is-greener problems! Wherever you go, you’re gonna have problems.