Sunday's are for taking naps


It’s March 10 and I lost an hour of sleep. I hate daylight savings time. Just when my biological clock is feeling comfortable with 6:30 am sunrises, wham! We’re back in the dark. In protest I took a one-hour nap in the little patch of sun that comes through the living room window.

I’m getting a little faster with Sketchbook. I colored two images today and got started on a third. The built-in Copic color palettes save me a ton of time. There’s a nice drag-and-drop custom palette that makes it easy to collect the colors I’m using throughout the book. Nice work, Autodesk.

One other thing I’m noticing as I use my Wacom tablet is that it’s ergonomically more friendly than my Huion pen display. I can sit with good posture with the tablet. There’s no need to lean over the screen as I do with the Huion. That leaning with the raised arms kills my back. Another great feature a tablet has that a pen display does not have: your hand never blocks your view, which happens on the Cintiq and iPad Pro.

coloring children's book, sketchbook pro,copic markers