Redrawing the arrival in Ashland scene


Today’s inch was to redo the linework for the “arrival” page, but alas, I couldn’t find the original drawing. “Not a big dealt,” I thought. “I’ll just redraw it — it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.”

But my brain seemed to have taken the day off. The first two attempts had some weird perspective going on, medieval perspective, in fact. The kind of perspective where a bird in the distance looks bigger than a house in the foreground. Eventually I pushed myself away from my sketchbook and took a timeout to eat some macadamia nuts. They jump-started my nervous system, and when I returned to drawing, I came up with the image below, which I think is an improvement on the original, which I can’t find anyway.

I’ve decided to bring the two mice along for the ride. They’ll be appearing just about everywhere as spectators, and who knows, they may end up being the stars of their own story when I finish this book.

I’ll be adding tails to the mice. Tails are always a nuisance when animals are wearing clothes.