Laundry day, Apartamento Magazine, and Letterkenny


I like doing laundry. It’s the only place I can sit and relax while the washing machine is chugging away. I sit next to it so I can lift the lid when it gets hung up before the spin cycle. When it starts to grind I reach over from my comfy camp chair and lift the lid, then go back to reading my new issue of Apartamento with an eye-catching clair ligne drawing by Nazario Luque on the cover — he’s the king of Spanish underground comics. After that I watched an episode of Letterkenny, my new favorite show, second only to Rick and Morty.

After all that relaxation, I got a craving for a cup of coffee, which got me back in the mood to dig in to my children’s book project. I spent several hours researching exactly how many pages the typical children’s book has (32), and how many actual pages there will be for images. That’s more complicated, but I narrowed that answer down to 14 two-page spreads after subtracting the front and back covers, the front and back white-matter, the copyright page, and the title. 14 two-page spreads translates to 24 images for single pages and 2 images for two two-page spreads.

The sketch below shows Momma Jay walking her Pomeranian. This picture has nothing to do with the children’s book. I used my Rotring Isograph .20 for the fine lines. My Rotrings are a smooth ride compared to my rather scratch Rapidograph technical pens.