Arrival in a safe place


Now that I’ve got my studio set up for traditional media, with a real sketching area with a tilting drawing board, I’m realizing that drawing with pencil and paper is way more fun that sliding a slick plastic “pencil” over a hyper-slick glass surface. I have this realization three or four times and year, then I gradually feel an urge to go back to digital drawing, where I can just upload directly instead of going through a scanning and clean up process.

Now that I’m drawing actual pages for my book, I still don’t feel like I have a style, but I’m leaning toward pen and ink again. The color in the drawing below is digital, but it’s so loose and sloppy that it reminds me of my watercolor paintings, which is fine with me. I’m not a purist about watercolor. If the digital color looks good, it’s good enough.

I’m going to have to exercise my editing eye with those trees…maybe one too many dreadlocks?