5 favorite things in search of a style


I’m in search of a style. I know I prefer pen and ink, but within the realm of pen and ink, I’m unresolved. Is it dip pen and ink, or Rapidograph or brush pen and ink? Is the color added with watercolor or marker? Should I hatch everything — I truly love to hatch? In fact I hatch until the hatch lines consume my drawing and there’s nothing left but blackness.

When I found Lilla Rogers Creative Bug course named “Treasure Hunt Your Artistic Style: a 10-day Challenge”, I signed up thinking that I might be able to get a inch closer to finding my real style. I know I’m just getting started, and I know that it may take years but if I can get one inch closer to my real style, it’s worth trying the course.

The first assignment is to draw 5 favorite things.I chose a Hiroshige book, my Rolleiflex, my iPhone, my EarPods, and my Da Vinci travel brush, all awesome things. I sketched the goods in pencil, inked with a ballpoint pen, and dropped in some watercolor.

The Rollei was the same value as the iPhone screen until I zapped it with Photoshop.