Thinking about a cover page for my children’s book


My goal is to move at least an inch closer to my goal everyday. The goal, I remind myself, is to publish The Jaybird Who Fell Down a Chimney by March 31. Children’s picture books usually have 28 to 32 pages, and at this point I have zero pages.

One of today’s pictures is a doodle of a momma jaybird. I’m not sure if she’s Jimmy Jay’s mother, or one of his hottie aunts who lives two houses down on Jaybird Street. The second picture shows Jimmy goofing off in the chimney and giving a self-assured thumbs to show how cool he is. Jimmy looks about 20 in this picture, so I’m going to have to think hard about shaving 15 years off his appearance.

What a hottie!

Jimmy looks like a cocky high school sophomore. There is one obvious improvement over yesterday’s 35-year-old Jimmy — no 5 o’clock shadow.