Got a new A3 scanner and it works great


If I wanted to, I could scan two pages of an 8.5x11 book like Watson-Guptil’s Rendering in Pen and Ink book in one swoop.

After years of trying to compress 9x12 sketchbook pages into an 8.5x11 scanner, I broke my piggy bank and bought an A3 graphic arts scanner, a Plustek A320L. This scanner is quite husky and demands a good chunk of space on my desk. The only oddity I encountered in setting it up was that the drivers came on a CD and my iMac doesn’t have a CD-ROM. The software is also downloadable from the Plustek site. Problem solved.

To compare the scan quality of my new scanner to my ancient HP combo printer/scanner, I rescanned one of my old paintings that obviously had not scanned well, the painting of Jimmy and Buddy meeting for the first time in the poppy patch. The original scan’s color was way off. I was hoping my new scanner would do a better job. It did, a lot better.

For both scanners I used the basic twain scanner interface that’s built into the OSX System Settings -> Printers & Scanners.

Scanned with the new A3 Plustek A320L. Notice the subtle blues in the sky.

Scanned with HP PhotoSmart Plus B209. Notice the blues are faded and skewed toward cyan.